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Creating a tutorial usually means bouncing between several apps and folders. Then you have to put your document together and to cope with formatting and publishing issues. But now you can create and share clear eye-catching tutorials with one single application.

With SnapTip you simply show what you mean with only a few clicks. No more lengthy descriptions. Capture, annotate and done. Add as many steps as you like and make your ideas comprehensible in no time.

A snaptip is worth a thousand words.

SnapTip got everything you need to create clear messages.

Point out things easily and avoid misunderstandings. Add as many images, annotations and text to your document as you need. Drag & drop images, take customizable screen captures and write text. You can edit your snaptip at any time later. So your documents get updated and grow whenever you need them to.

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Each document gets its own free, customizable web address, accessible from where ever you are. You can post a snaptip easily to forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or any other website. You not only save time using SnapTip, but also gain an easily sharable online database of all your snaptips.

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